E-Commerce Delivery Centre

UTAR has set up two e-commerce delivery centre at:

UTAR Sungai Long E-Commerce Delivery Centre
KAG08, Block-KA
Jalan Sungai Long
Bandar Sungai Long
43000 Kajang
(besides the bookstore)
Email: ecdc.sl@utar.edu.my
Started operating on 29 January 2018

UTAR Sungai Long E-Commerce Delivery Centre

Working Hours

Monday - Friday 10.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday - Sunday &
Public Holidays

UTAR Kampar E-Commerce Delivery Centre
E009, Block E
Jalan University
Bandar Barat
31900 Kampar
Email: ecdc.kpr@utar.edu.my
Manage by: Entrepreneurship Society, Kampar
Started operating on 1 February 2018

UTAR Kampar E-Commerce Delivery Centre

Working Hours

Monday - Friday 11.00am - 3.00pm
Saturday - Sunday &
Public Holidays

UTAR staff and students can direct their e-commerce packages to the e-commerce delivery centre.

You are encouraged to create an account before directing your package to the e-commerce delivery center. By creating an account, we will automatically email you when your package has arrived at the e-commerce delivery center. This is to save you the time and effort of always checking at the counter on the arrival of your package. We will contact you based on the recipient name and phone number that are available on the package.

Package collection procedure:

  1. Only the indicated recipient can collect the package.
  2. To verify the identity of the recipient, the recipient must present his/her Malaysian identity card or international passport or ECDC Web account page. Staff and student ID card are not accepted for verification purpose.
  3. The recipient is required to fill-up the Confirmation of Delivery Form (online or offline) before the package is released to him/her.

Each delivered package will be charged RM0.50 as a service fee. This service fee is exempted for UTAR official business or R&D packages.

If you have a problem concerning your account, write to dcc@utar.edu.my.

If you did not receive the notification email from us, then kindly check your spam folder. Additionally, kindly whitelist the email address ecdc.sl@utar.edu.my or ecdc.kpr@utar.edu.my.

Kindly use UTAR email address to register.

Account Registration Form

* indicates information field that must be provided.

By using this service, I hereby indemnify the University and/or its appointed representatives from any claims, fines, penalties, demand, liabilities, loses, damage and delay arising from or relating to the coordination of the delivery of the package received