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Unovate Centre 优创中心

Unovate is a combination of the Chinese character ‘优’ and the English word ‘innovate’. The new word means ‘excellence in innovation’. This is inline with UTAR’s new Chinese name ‘优大’. The business incubator was established on 17 January 2018.


Unovate Centre has the following objectives:

  1. To foster an entrepreneurial culture in the campus.
  2. To nurture and accelerate the successful development of young businesses or start-ups during their early years.
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Services Provided

  1. Shared physical space
  2. High-speed Internet access
  3. Business advice
  4. Networking connections
  5. Mentoring
  6. Training
  7. Assistance to set-up the company
  8. Legal advice

Term of Leasing

  1. Each incubatee can only lease up to a maximum of 2 years
  2. UTAR students who have graduated can continue to lease the space but is subjected to Clause (a) above.


  1. All registered UTAR students can apply to lease a space in the business incubator.
  2. UTAR students must jointly own at least 51% of the for-profit commercial business during application time.


The rental rate per month for one desk will be as follows:

Incubation Period Rental (RM)
0 – 6 months 0.00
7 – 12 months 50.00
13 – 24 months 200.00


Kampar Campus
A278, Heritage Building.

Sungai Long Campus
KA200C, KA Block.


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The Square Box
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